The great game

Tech, tax and the growth of video gaming

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A Journey Through Time: Gaming’s Evolution

Over five decades, the world of video gaming has undergone a transformative journey, steered by relentless technological advancements.

Starting with basic arcades, progressing to sophisticated VR, and the expansive realm of cloud gaming, innovative designers have consistently captured players’ hearts and imaginations.

The 2000s: A Decade of Expansion

The 2000s marked a significant shift for the industry.

Beyond the confines of traditional consoles, gaming exploded onto mobile devices.

By the dawn of 2020, a staggering 2.7 billion individuals globally identified as gamers.

This boom established gaming as the preeminent media sector, with its revenue even eclipsing the combined earnings of movies and the North American sports sector.

Among the game-changers was the meteoric rise of eSports, captivating audiences worldwide.

Digital Transformation and the Pandemic’s Impact on gaming

The advent of the internet and mobile technology were catalysts, propelling revenues from mere millions to astronomical billions.

When the world faced the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic, this sector witnessed yet another surge.

With many confined to their homes, especially Gen Z and millennials, gaming became a cherished escape.

This period saw a remarkable uptick in social and casual gaming genres, with many players lauding their therapeutic and mental well-being benefits.

Future Projections and Emerging Markets in gaming

The horizon looks promising for the industry.

Predictions suggest revenues approaching US$321 billion by 2026.

While the US and China were the dominant players in 2021, emerging markets, notably Turkey, Pakistan, and India, are gearing up to make their mark.

Industry Dynamics and Mergers

The gaming industry’s landscape is ever-evolving.

From indie developers with fresh perspectives to industry behemoths with vast resources, competition is fierce.

Highlighting this dynamism, 2022 recorded 222 significant mergers and acquisitions, symbolizing the industry’s relentless drive for innovation, expansion, and dominance.

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