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Earlier this year, we launched our #EveryDropCounts campaign allowing people to choose a project to restore aquatic biodiversity in partnership with Ocean as Common.

The selected project gets funded through the Ayming to Change Initiative.

To mark the World Water Day in March, the artist and environmental activist Serafino Rudari helped us unveil the winning project throught an artistic performance.

Discover which project won here

Get to know more about our partnership with Ocean as Common

Ocean as Common is a French non-profit organization which goal is to raise awareness about the restoration of aquatic biodiversity and strengthen the link between the Earth, the ocean and humans.

Thanks to their ReGeneration progam, they created a collaborative funding movement for aquatic ecosystem restoration projects.

These projects include:

  • the restoration of a coral reef on Reunion Island,
  • the restoration of flat oyster reefs in Brittany,
  • the creation of vegetated rafts in urban areas,
  • and the replanting of Gorgonians in the Mediterranean Sea.

Why investing in our planet is important?

Coral reefs are essential for human societies by sheltering 30% of marine species. They constitute the epicenter of the world marine life. Thus, with tropical forests, they are the most biologically diverse ecosystems on the planet. 1 billion people depend on them for food and tourism, and they are the source of currentand future medicines.

How the restoration of the coral reefs works?

The first step will be to install domes on which coral cuttings are fixed. Then scientific monitoring and awareness will be carried out over the long term. Data will be regularly communicated and the first results will be visible in the next few months.

Want to know more about the ReGeneration program and our partnership with Ocean as Common?

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