Discover the views on the place women hold in large companies, through sincere and factual testimonies of five european women leaders.

About the book

The transition from old economic models to a new business paradigm sees Europe as a key player in driving the future of business performance, and in ensuring a healthy economy. But, as businesses are evolving all over the world, many companies still struggle to reach their full potential because of their dismissal of the female experience.

Even though significant progress towards achieving equality, women are still underrepresented in senior management positions and are not given seats at the table.

For more than 30 year, we have helped hundreds of businesses reshape the positions of women in their companies through our human resources, innovation, finance and operations expertises. To keep moving things forward, Ayming Institute has gathered the experiences of five extraordinary women who are shaping businesses all around Europe, in one place.

In “Five European Women: Shaping European business performance”, Julie Chapon, Cristina Garmendia, Emma Marcegaglia, Laurie Pilo and Anne Rigail, share key insights that have allowed them to become the successful women that others look up to, and build new foundations for generations to come.

Their stories will help you have a better idea of the importance of women’s role in the workplace and prevent you from losing your business performance because of underexploited potential and outdated work culture.

Meet the authors

Anne Rigail

Anne Rigail
CEO Air France

After Air Inter and Air France merged, she became the Head of Client Services at the Paris-Orly Airport and then Director of Passenger and Baggage Connections at Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport. In 2013 she joined the Air France Executive Committee, as the Executive Vice-President responsible for cabin crew. In 2018, she became the first female CEO of Air France.

Emma Marcegaglia

Emma Marcegaglia
Chair of the Board of Eni

She has been the Chairwoman of the Italian oil and gas firm ENI. She is also the Chairwoman and CEO of Marcegaglia Holding SpA, and the Vice Chairwoman and CEO of the group’s subsidiaries. Given her pre-eminence as a businesswoman in Italy, and her family’s historic steel business, Emma Marcegaglia is often referred to as the “Steel Lady”.

Julie Chapon
Co-founder of Yuka

After gaining her first experience with global brands during her studies at EDHEC, she became the co-founders of the Yuka nutritional application.The Yuka application has nearly 10 million users and more than 2 million products are scanned daily.

Laurie Pilo

Laurie Pilo
Managing Director of Ayming BeNeLux

After her doctorate in Health and Social Security Law, she moved to Brussels to take the helm as the Managing Director of Ayming BeNeLux. She heads a rapidly-expanding team helping clients on strategic issues in a variety of fields, most notably relating to innovation, finance, HR, and operations.

Christina Garmendia

Christina Garmendia
Chairwoman COTEC

After completing her doctorate in molecular biology, she joined an industrial fisheries group rising to the position of Executive VP and CFO. In 2000, she founded Genetrixa biotechnology company and in 2008 YSIOS, a venture capital firm, specialized in health and biotechnology.