Learn the principles that have helped top businesses executives face the professional challenges brought by the Covid-19.

About the book

COVID-19 has upset our equilibrium as a society, causing far-reaching changes in the business landscape.

At Ayming Institute, we know how hard it's been to find ways to adapt and face these changes. With urgent deadlines, family commitments and the constant sense of uncertainty, days seem to slip by.

Authors Thomas Courtois, Marie Degrand, Marc Mézard, Martin Hook and François de Montaudouin have lived this very same story, but they found a way to adapt. In this new Ayming Institute book The Post Covid Era : Towards a Business Reset, they will teach you how to do the same.

The authors share simple principles to help you stop drifting and design a fail-proof workplace training plan.

The Post Covid Era : Towards a Business Reset will teach you everything you need to know to get your business back on track and become a more confident professional.

Meet the authors

Thomas Courtois
President of Nickel

He joined Nickel from BNP Paribas, where he held various roles in the marketing and audit teams, before being promoted to lead subsidiaries within the BNP Paribas group. He describes Nickel as being the apotheosis of his career, a unique opportunity to combine growth with values.

Marie Degrand
Deputy Director of Nickel

After completing her education at the ESCP Europe business school, she began her career in consulting, before moving into a leadership position as a Deputy Director General of a NGO in the microfinance sector. She joined Nickel, as an opportunity she took in order to be able to combine working in a high growth company and doing work with meaning.

Marc Mézard
Director of the ENS

A physicist by training, Marc Mézard prepared his thesis on condensed matter physics. He became a research director with the French research body CNRS before becoming the director of a research laboratory in the Saclay University. In 2012, he was appointed head of ENS by the President of France.

Martin Hook
Managing Director of Ayming UK

In the course of his more than thirty years in business, he has worked for global multinational corporations, but also for small and medium enterprises. When Martin joined the London office, it was a loss making entity with a small staff. It now boasts a team of seventy five, and is the largest business in the Group outside France.

François de Montaudouin
AI's Advisory Board member

François de Montaudouin began his career in banking before moving into private equity. He then moved out of finance into operational roles. He led a major French distribution group and ran two Middle Eastern family-owned corporate groups. He is perhaps best known as the man behind the project to build a ski resort in Dubai.