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On-demand Webinar

How comparing International R&D Schemes helps you improve your innovation strategy

About the webinar

Hosted by Ayming’s international R&D team, in this webinar you will learn :

  • How to compare countries by Generosity of the Scheme and Ease of Application to decide on R&D locations
  • Where to find individual country profiles for a simple and effective overview of a given country’s R&D scheme
  • Why Germany’s new R&D Tax scheme might be right for your innovation strategy

If you’re looking for a simple way to compare international R&D Tax schemes, or even just get an easy-to-understand overview for your country, be sure to enroll to this webinar today !

Also – get answers to the following questions for each country:

Is foreign-owned R&D eligible?

Must R&D occur in the country?

How many previous financial years are claimable?

Is pre-approval required?

Are other R&D incentives available?

And more !

Meet the panelists

Laura Delgado

Partner | Ayming Spain

Mark Smith

Partner | Innovation Incentives | Ayming UK

Nicole Agerer

R&D Director | Ayming Germany