Ayming winner of the German Brand Award

Our team in Germany had the privilege to receive the German Brand Award on June 21st in Berlin, in the category "Corporate services", for our work on the new identity of the group and its new visual universe.

Dr. Christoph Streng and Dr. Johannes Doelle from Ayming Germany received their award in front of more than 600 guests from business, politics and the media.

"This award shows the influence of our group in Europe, it is a great source of pride for us and an encouragement to continue developing our influence in  all our locations.
Many thanks to Johannes and Christoph for representing us on this special occasion and for wearing Ayming's colours.
Hervé Amar, Président of Ayming

The German Brand Award is the first trophy to bring together all the disciplines of brand management and honor the best brand strategies in Germany. Its committee identifies, presents and rewards original brand makers and designers who lead the way, with the conviction that the brand is a key success factor for companies.

The organizers are the German Brand Institute and the German Design Council (Rat für Formgebung), initiated in 1953 by the Bundestag.