Thibaut Charmeil (aged 44) has been appointed Managing Director France of Ayming Group and a Member of the Group's executive board.

Thibaut Charmeil, who graduated from French colleges Ecole Polytechnique (1993), Institut Mines-Télécom (1998), Sciences Po (1998) and Insead (2004), began his career at France Telecom in 1998 as Strategic Account Manager, and subsequently Business Unit Director. In 2005, he began working in HR Consulting as Commercial Director with Expectra, Randstadt Group's executive recruitment and temp subsidiary. He moved to Engineering consultancy in 2007, and became CEO of Segula Ingenierie & Consulting. In 2010, he was appointed Executive Director for Americas at Altran Group, working in Advanced engineering and innovation consultancy, with particular responsibility for the USA and Brazil. He became President of Altran do Brasil in 2011 as part of an MBO. As of 2017, he is Managing Director France of Ayming Group, the leader in business performance consulting.