Ayming releases the 1st European study on managers’ commitment and their role in the employees’ engagement.

Leading on from the study of the active population in 2016, Ayming conducted this year with Kantar-TNS a study among 2 843 managers from eight European countries – Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United-Kingdom.


This 1st pan-European study outlines the high level of commitment of the European managers (71%), combined with their strong happiness at work (86%) and their pride of working for their company (90%). As a consequence, European managers are less absent from work and more committed than the other employees. 

The Ayming / Kantar-TNS survey highlights the vital part European managers’ play in the staff mobilization and engagement strategy. Therefore, European managers must be supported, trained and equipped by their own management in order to sustain the employees’ engagement. 

Beyond product and financial innovation, managerial innovation is a strategic stake to sustain companies’ growth and business performance.

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Discover the results of the European study together with the standard profiles of a “committed manager” for the following countries: 

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Ayming provides companies with strategic and operational support to sustainably develop their overall performance in four main areas of expertise: Human Resources, Operations, Finance and Innovation. Ayming’s missions consist in supporting prevention and risk management (securing), optimization of processes, organizations and funding (accelerating), the development of growth strategies and the reallocation of resources (anticipating). 

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